Please note that many roadway projects are underway in Homer Township. The Bookmobile may have to reroute at times. It may take a few extra minutes to get to stops, but we will be there! We look forward to seeing you soon. Happy Reading!


The Bookmobile is a unique service of the Homer Township Public Library District, bringing the library closer to where people live or work. The Bookmobile, while functioning as a dedicated method of outreach, is not intended to replace traditional library services, but will complement them.

The Bookmobile provides library service to people in the community who are unserved or underserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers.

In fulfilling this mission, the primary functions of the Bookmobile service are to:

  • Provide free library service and information to people of all ages and abilities for their recreation, education, and lifelong learning;
  • Provide quality educational, recreational, and cultural library materials that are relevant to the changing needs of patrons and the community. These materials will be selected in accordance with the Homer Township Public Library Collection Development Policy;
  • Provide programs and library services to enrich the lives of citizens who may not have access to a formal library facility;
  • Conduct bookmobile stops in accordance to the library's Bookmobile Stop Criteria. Scheduling consideration will be given to those areas who do not have a conventional library facility and/or to captive audiences, such as retirement homes, senior village, daycares, preschools, etc.;
  • Provide a non-threatening and non-judgmental atmosphere for readers of all ages;
  • Introduce non-users to library collections and services;
  • Conveniently provide popular materials in a variety of formats that will increase library use and encourage a lifelong desire to read;
  • Present programs to encourage use of the Bookmobile and the main Library;
  • Support pre-school outreach, basic literacy and senior outreach;
  • Generate a positive image of the Library and the Friends of the Library by being highly visible throughout the entire community.

  • Maryellen Reed is the Bookmobile Manager who oversees staff and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Maryellen brings a wealth of experience to the position having worked in the bookmobile department since the service began ten years ago. She develops programming, maintains the vehicle and is well-versed in outreach services.
  • Bridie Hearne is the Bookmobile Driver.
  • Linda Roe is the Bookmobile Clerk.
  • Marykay Oldendorf is the Bookmobile Clerk.

Welcome to "Books On The Go!" Looking for your Bookmobile? Check out the 2016-2017 Bookmobile schedule for locations, dates and times!

March 13 - 22

March 14th is "Save A Spider Day" and was created to encourage people NOT to kill spiders. Visit the Bookmobile for your chance to take home a furry pet of your own!

March 27 - April 5

Visit the Bookmobile to craft your own Spring pin!

April 10 - 19

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd. Visit the Bookmobile for our prize drawing to win a beautiful school bouquet for your favorite teacher. 

Click on pins for Bookmobile location, date, and time

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Rebecca Caudill Awards
Abe Lincoln Awards

Books and more brought to your door!  
Homer Township Public Library offers books and more brought to your door. If you or someone you know would like books, magazines, music, movies or other library materials but cannot get to the library, even on a temporary basis, you may arrange for home delivery. This free service is for anyone who is ill, injured, caring for someone, or confined to their home. Call Maryellen Reed at 708-301-7908 or email for details.
Print a Home Delivery application.

May I get a library card on the Bookmobile?
Yes! You can get your first library card free when you provide proof of residence (such as a driver's license).  You will need a library card to check out books and other items. You will be responsible for all materials on your card. If you have a valid card already, then that's good on the Bookmobile, too.
What if I can't find the book I want?
Simply request it from the librarian, who will then make every effort to reserve it for you and bring it on the next visit. You may also request items owned by any library in our network by going to our online catalog.
How can I get the Bookmobile to stop in my subdivision?
We are always open to consideration of new Bookmobile stops. To submit a stop for consideration, please fill out the Bookmobile Destination Stop Request and email it to
How long my I borrow items from the Bookmobile?
All items on the Bookmobile will be loaded for a two-week period. Most items may be renewed twice, unless they are on hold for someone.  Items may be renewed in person at either the main Library or the Bookmobile, by phone (708-301-7908) or through our online catalog.
May I return books to the Library if I checked them out on the Bookmobile?
Yes, you may return books to the main Library even if you checked them out on the Bookmobile. Also, items checked-out from the main Library may be returned to the Bookmobile.
If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us!

Bookmobile stops are selected in accord with patron needs and library priorities based on the following criteria:
  • Area open to the general public
  • Availability of safe parking
    • Parking space for patrons
    • Parking space large enough to accommodate the Bookmobile
    • Positioning of Bookmobile for safety and ease of patron access
    • Well-lit location for after-dark stops
  • Circulation statistics
  • Convenience
    • Contact person and phone number for Bookmobile staff
  • Geographic
    • Balance in schedule to all communities served
    • Condition of access roads
    • Distance from main library
  • Likelihood of year-round use
  • Patron need for Bookmobile service
  • Permission to use location
  • Cellular/wireless signal
Patron requests for bookmobile stops and schedules are encouraged. Bookmobile stops will be reviewed every six months.  The Bookmobile Department reserves the right to cancel stops that exhibit a continuing trend of low attendance and/or low circulation.
If you have any questions, comments or requests, call us at 708-301-7908 or send us an email at

  • Use your library card to borrow items from the Bookmobile.

  • Any Homer Township (including Homer Glen) resident may obtain a library card on the Bookmobile. You will need to provide proof of residence (such as a driver's license). Your first library card is free, a replacement card is $2.00.

  • Items on the Bookmobile may be borrowed for a two week period.

  • No fines will be charged for bookmobile items returned late.

  • If an item is not returned after six weeks, an overdue notice will be sent and you will be billed for the item, along with a processing fee.

  • Your borrowing privileges will be stopped until your record is cleared, either by returning the items or paying for them.

  • If you don't see a title you want, ask the Bookmobile staff for it or fill out a request slip. We will try to get the item for you from the main Library or from another library in time for the next scheduled visit to your stop. (There may be a longer wait for popular items.) You may also request items owned by any library in our catalog network directly through our online catalog.

  • Most bookmobile items may be borrowed for 14 days, including DVD's and best sellers.

  • Most items may be renewed twice, unless they have been reserved by someone else. Items may be renewed in person at either the main Library or Bookmobile, by phone (708-301-7908), or renewed through our online catalog.

  • Items borrowed checked out from the Bookmobile may be returned to the main library, and vice versa.