Who are the Friends of the Library?
Homer residents dedicated to supporting the public library as a wonderful community resource.
People who know that a community with a first rate library is a better place to live.
People who want to bring together other involved, caring people who are willing to work for an excellent library and to promote the value of books and reading for residents of all ages.
               The purpose of the Friends Group is:                  
To maintain an association of people interested in books and libraries.
To promote public use of the library and appreciation of its value as an asset to the community.
To encourage the extension and improvement of library services.
To advocate and encourage strong library support to make a positive difference.
To broaden community awareness and use of library services and resources.
To support and promote one of our community's greatest assets.
To support the freedom to read and access to information to all.
What are our goals?
Developing supplemental funding for special programs, services and collections at the library.
Provide volunteer services to the library.
Rewards for being a Friend include:
Three research books per check out (instead of two).

Join by calling Sara at 708-301-7908 or email