Get a Library Card
Any resident of Homer Township (including Homer Glen) may obtain a library card, which is provided free of charge as part of your tax-supported library service. Cards are also available -- for a fee -- to certain nonresidents. Your library card allows you to:
  • borrow books from the Homer Township Library and other libraries in Illinois.
  • reserve a book which is not immediately available.
  • request a book, video, CD, or other item not owned by us.
  • use key online sources of newspaper and magazine articles, business directories, practice tests, and more, from your computer at home or work.
  • have books delivered to you, if you are temporarily or permanently confined to your home.
There are three easy ways to get a card:
  • come into the library and fill out an application to get a library card immediately.
  • fill out an application on the Bookmobile.
  • fill out the online form and pick up your new card at the library after 24-hours!
It's easy to get a card and a key to the world!

Homer Residents
  • Library cards are available free of charge to anyone living within the boundaries of Homer Township, including Lockport residents east of Farrell Road.
  • Registration requires one piece of identification with your current address: driver's license, check book, utility bill, etc.
  • Children of any age may obtain a card. A parent or guardian must bring in one piece of identification and sign for the initial card for any child under 16 years old.
  • Lost cards may be replaced for a nominal fee.
  • Library cards must be renewed every 3 years.

  • Persons residing outside the boundaries of Homer Township and not belonging to or located closer to another public library may obtain a card by paying a non-resident fee of $170 per family. Proof of address is required.
  • Non-resident cards are good for one year from the payment of the fee.
  • Illinois law requires non-resident cards to be issued by the public library which is located closest to the applicant's home.