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Allowed Ages: 5 to 15
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If you love solving puzzles, codes, and finding hidden clues, Brain Chase's virtual Escape Room, The Tomb of Nefertari, is for you! 

Brain Chase is a four-week online summer escape room challenge for suggested ages 5-13. Here’s how it works: on Monday, July 27, 2020, the adventure begins! Adventurers log in to watch the first animated webisode. Then you dive into the first week of challenges. An online system – the “Dashboard” – tracks each adventurer’s progress as you journey through the 4-week challenge.

Each Monday, adventurers have a new escape room and three challenges to complete: art, fitness and engineering, to unlock the next webisode, which contains hidden pictures, numbers, and riddles to help the adventurer guess the treasure’s location. While you can make up lost time, you cannot proceed to the next week until that week begins. This is to make it fair for everyone to have an equal chance to solve the clues needed to find the TREASURE!!

Four weeks of fun and adventure begin on Monday, July 27. Program information and login will be emailed after you register for the summer's coolest adventure! 

Explore a Brain Chase Escape Room in this exciting 35 second video!

Want to see more? This 6 minute video is a walkthrough of a Brain Chase Escape Room.