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Program Type: Storytime

Celebrate the 51st Earth Day with a story, coloring sheet, an activity and a video! Check in again for more fun things to do this week to appreciate and help planet Earth.

READ ALOUD: It’s Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer. Also, check out Hoopla and Tumble Book Library on the Library's website for other books to enjoy.

VIDEO: Earth Day 2020  - a celebration of images capturing the beauty of Earth.

ACTIVITY: Earth Day Tips For Kids & Families

Turn off the lights. ...make signs about saving electricity                                                                       

Turn off the water. ...when you brush your teeth or while you soap up in the shower

Clean up your yard, a park or forest preserve. ...could you use any of the yard waste to create a compost?                                                                                                                                     

Gather and recycle batteries. ...learn how to properly dispose of these                                                  

Use glass bottles...and refill a water bottle instead of using a single use bottle

COLORING SHEET: Print the attachment and decorate with crayons, paint, stickers or whatever inspires you!

Visit the library website calendar for more activities this week.