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Spring is in full swing. Summer is round the corner! The weather is warmer and warmer. All nature is bursting with greenery and lots of amazing colors. Time to get out in the sun for fresh air and to get dirty in the garden. Tending to your own garden is very rewarding. You can plant flowers and/or vegetables. So come along with us on a gardening journey this week!

Read Aloud: Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn. Also, check out Hoopla and Tumble Book Library on the Library's website for other books to enjoy.

Video: Sesame Street: Grover Talks About Plants. Your cute, furry, blue, gardening monster Grover is here to tell you all the things plants need to grow and stay healthy. A plant needs sunlight and soil. What else does a plant need?

Activity: 5 Little Flowers Song by The Kiboomers. Learn a song about flowers and act it out!

Coloring page: Print and decorate the Kids Watering a Plant coloring sheet with crayons, markers, stickers or whatever inspires you!

Visit the library website calendar for more Get Gardening activities each day this week.