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Program Type: Homer Live!
Age: Adult

Homer Township Public Library and the Lemont Artists Guild present artist Lynne Baur (Dragonfly Spirit Studio).  Lynne will talk about the creation of her YouTube “Postcard Paint-Along” videos and give us a look into her life as an artist living on the Oregon coast and (until Covid-19) traveling around the country working and living in a camper van. She will reserve time in her presentation to take your questions about the postcard videos and life as an artist on the Oregon coast and on the road. 

Lynne “believes each of us has the soul of an artist. The creative spirit emerges in different ways at different times in our lives, and some of us are lucky enough to be called upon to express that spirit in visual art.”  You might want to watch—or even try!—one of her postcard videos before the presentation. Lynne will answer questions about the postcard projects you’ve tried (or plan to try) as time permits. This Zoom presentation will be interactive. You may ask a question at any time, but we ask you to mute your microphone the rest of the time.  You can turn off your video if you do not want to be seen at all. 

Note: If you want to show Lynne something during the presentation that you have a question about, it works much better if you snap a quick photo and email it to Lynne before asking your question. Lynne will explain more about this (and give the email address to use), but we wanted to let you know you might want your phone or camera handy. (You can also hold your picture up to your webcam if that is your only option, but it’s often difficult to see much detail that way.)

Here are some suggested postcard videos to try (not a requirement, you can also just watch the program):

Backlit Clouds Variations:

Sunrise Joy:

Crazy Colorful Pears:

Full Moon Above the Forest:

Sunset Variations:


Or, you can also find the all her postcard video paint-alongs in one place by going to:


Suggested Basic List of Materials (NOT supplied) to create a postcard (but each video is unique, so if you are creating a postcard ahead of time, double-check the video first to see if you need anything else):

4 x 6 inch watercolor paper or cardstock or heavy paper (several pieces cut this size), Practice/scratch paper, Watercolors-use ones from art store or can even use the kids watercolor palettes you see at stores if you just are starting out, Cup of water, Brushes, Masking tape, Spray Bottle, Some type of Board to tape paper onto (could be cardboard) that is larger than the paper you are using.

 The Lemont Artists Guild thanks you for your interest in this! You can find more out about them at

This program will take place online on Zoom. After registering, you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting at least 15 minutes in advance of the program. Don't see the email? Make sure you check your spam folder!