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The National Book Festival, presented by the Library of Congress, takes place online September 25 - 27. Of the 120 authors presenting, many are children's authors. You are invited to "Investigate an Author" with a read aloud, video, suggested activity and coloring sheet. Enjoy 21 days of new books and old favorites this month. 

READ ALOUD: Beautiful Moon: a Child's Prayer by Tonya Bolden. Also, check out Hoopla and Tumble Book Library on the Library's website for other books to enjoy.  

VIDEO: The Moon for Kids by Socratica Kids.       

ACTIVITY: Craft a crescent moon and star from a paper plate. Draw a crescent moon with a bump out for a nose (refer to coloring sheet for the basic shape), draw a star on the unused part of the paper plate. Paint or color the moon and star. Cut out the moon and star. Make a hole at the tip of the upper crescent moon and a hole at the top of the star. Use a piece of string to hang the star between the “arms” of the moon.

COLORING PAGE: Print the attachment and decorate with crayons, paint, stickers or whatever inspires you!

Win free copies of Be You! by Peter Reynolds and New Kid by Jerry Craft, two of the authors speaking at the National Book Festival! To enter, CLICK HERE to fill out the prize drawing form between September 14-20. One entry per person. The winner will be contacted with pickup details.