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Program Type: Storytime

Do you like characters who are good or bad, nasty or nice? Sometimes it is hard to figure out! Check out these read aloud stories to see whether Bruce the bear, Dragon and the Bad Seed are really so terrible or if there might be something good about them after all. Activities, videos and coloring sheets add to the fun. 

READ ALOUD: The Bad Seed by Jory John Also, check out Hoopla and Tumble Book Library on the Library's website for other books to enjoy.

VIDEO: Seeds move! - a read out loud story book by Robin Page. 

ACTIVITY: Germinate seeds in a baggie!  Materials: Beans or Seeds, paper towel, plastic baggie, tape. Instructions: Soak beans/seeds overnight. Drain. Dampen paper towel, fold and place in baggie. Place seeds in baggie, seal and hang in window with tape. Within 24 hours, seeds may sprout, within 3 days to a week, seeds may have fully sprouted. Leaves will emerge in a few more days. Seeds with leaves may be transferred to a pot with soil to continue growing. 

COLORING SHEET: Print the attachment and decorate with crayons, paint, stickers or whatever inspires you!

Visit the library website calendar for more activities this week.