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Program Type: Storytime

Pets are animals we keep at home. Lots of kids love to have one or even a few animal pets! Pets give us lots of joy, make us laugh, become our best and loyal friends. They become members of our family. We need to take care of them which requires a lot of time and committment. This week join us for a fun week with different kinds of pets.

READ ALOUD: Not Norman (A Goldfish Story) by Kelly Bennett. Also, check out Hoopla and Tumble Book Library on the Library's website for other books to enjoy.

VIDEO:  How to Care for a Goldfish by Videojug.

ACTIVITY:  How to Draw a Fish by DrawinGeek.

COLORING PAGE: Print the attachment and decorate with crayons, paint, stickers or whatever inspires you!

Visit the library website calendar for more activities each day this week.